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What is Agano ware?

Invited by Hideyoshi Toyotomi for the Bunroku-Keicho War, Sonkai was a potter of the Joseon Dynasty who was naturalized under Lord Kiyomasa Kato.

In the Tokugawa period, Kobori Enshu, a great tea master who served as a tea ceremony instructor in the Tokugawa family, selected seven kilns nationwide to make tea utensils.


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Pottery introduction

The Agano ware cooperative is currently made up of nine potteries.

Each kiln has different characteristics of their works, and all of them are stunningly beautiful.

​ Please take a look at the commitment of the pottery.

上野焼 庚申窯
上野焼 渡窯
上野焼 守窯
上野焼 十時窯
上野焼 光修窯
上野焼 昇龍窯
上野焼 天郷窯
上野焼 梶原窯
上野焼 青柳不老園

We are waiting for you at Agano no Sato Fureai Koryukan Ceramics Hall.


2811 Ueno, Fukuchi Town, Tagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture

Ueno Village Fureai Exchange Hall Pottery Museum​


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