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Features of Agano ware

[Thin design that is comfortable to the five senses]

“Not too heavy, but not too light.
  Comfortable weight and texture that you can feel when you use it.
  It never stands out too much, yet it has a strong presence..."
Agano ware, which developed as tea pottery, is characterized by being extremely light and thin compared to other pottery. It is a feature that has been inherited to the present day, with the simplicity and strength of the soil, which is comfortable to the five senses, and the elegance of “usu-zukuri”.

上野焼の特徴 薄造り

[ Free and rich colors and skin ]

“The beauty of color created by the porcelain surface created from carefully finished clay and the colorful glaze.
  One of the characteristics of Agano ware is the unique variety of glazes used. ”
Things such as flowers and food to put in and serve, and the vessel enhance each other,
It expresses the beauty of unity. This is one of the charms of Aganoyaki, which is “beautiful when used”.

伝統工芸品 陶器

[Tradition from ancient times]

“Since ancient times, it has been said that tableware eliminates poison and protects against palsy.
  It is also said to improve the flavor of sake and prevent food from spoiling. ”
Based on the tradition of Agano ware, the energy to continue searching for the appearance of modern and future Agano ware
We are carving a new history of Agano ware.

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