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​Kajiwara Kiln



​pottery overview


[Foundation] 1592

[Kiln Owner] Yoko Kajiwara

[Address] 3117-1 Ueno, Fukuchi Town, Tagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture

[Phone] 0947-28-3336

[Holidays] Irregular holidays

[business hours] 10:00-17:00

[Direct purchase] Yes

[Tour experience] Yes (please contact us in advance)

[Parking] Yes


Born in 1955

1976 Entered the path of pottery

1978 Selected for the first time at the Prefectural Exhibition

1978 Selected for the Seibu Kogei Exhibition for the first time.

1981 Selected for the first time at the West Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

2003 Certified as a traditional craftsman

2006 Awarded at the Fukuoka Prefecture Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

2007 Awarded at the Fukuoka Traditional Crafts Exhibition

Making ceramics with the theme of thin and light vessels.

Expressing a variety of works with 400 years of traditional techniques and modern design.

​We carefully create light and easy-to-use tableware by applying various glazes to everyday tableware.

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