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​ Mori Kiln



​pottery overview



[Owner] Mamoru Kumagai

[Address] 1991 Ueno, Fukuchi Town, Tagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture

[Phone] 0947-28-2757

[Holidays] Irregular holidays

[business hours] 10:00-17:00

[Direct purchase] Yes

[Tour experience] Occasionally experience available (reservation required)

[Parking] Yes


Mamoru Kumatani  Kumatani Mamoru

Agano ware is characterized by its thin and lightweight fabric, and the variety of glazes that it produces.
Morigama maintains its traditions while breathing new life into the pottery using the scraping technique with seasonal plants as motifs.
On the other hand, from the pitch-black darkness to the red of the sunrise,
The transition of nature, such as the clear indigo of the sky
I am also working on a style that engraves into the vessel.

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Kumatani Maharu

Born in 1994
After graduating from Fukuoka Zokei Junior College in 2015
Studied metalwork at Kyushu Sangyo University

Creates many pottery with animal motifs
"With a feeling of excitement like a museum
I would be happy if you could see my work! ”


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