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​Koshu kiln



​pottery overview


[Founding] Year

[Kiln owner] Mitsunobu Kumagai

[Address] 2928 Ueno, Fukuchi Town, Tagawa District, Fukuoka Prefecture

[Phone] 0947-28-5559

[Holidays] Irregular holidays

[business hours] 10:00-17:00

[Direct purchase] Yes


[Parking] Yes


I enjoy making pottery. It doesn't bother me even when I'm making a piece.

Even if you think that something is not interesting, you can forget it once you enter the potter's wheel.

For example, customers still like and use the dishes that they bought in the past.

I'm happy that you've been using it for a long time.

1980 Japan Kogei Association West Branch Co-sponsored by Asahi Shimbun Seibu Kogei Exhibition Japan Kogei Association West Branch Manager Award
1982 Seibu Crafts Exhibition Okinawa Times Award
1981 Seibu Crafts Exhibition Fukuoka Prefectural Board of Education Award
1984 Ikenobo All Kyushu Union Flower Exhibition Excellent work
1st year of Heisei Awarded Fukuoka Prefecture Traditional Crafts Exhibition sponsored by Nishinihon Shimbun
1989 Received a prize at the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition Public Recruitment Section hosted by Mainichi Shimbun
Heisei  3 years Fukuoka Prefecture Traditional Crafts Exhibition Award
Heisei  4 years West Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition TV West Japan Award
Heisei  8 years Contribution to the revival of the traditional craft industry Commendation
2005 Awarded at the 29th Fukuoka Traditional Crafts Exhibition

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